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About FLINTA* Filmmakers Berlin

It's no secret that there's an enormous disparity in the film world when it comes to female and diverse gender representation. This directory's goal is to bridge this gap by highlighting talent across all fields and roles within filmmaking, all living and working in Berlin.

We believe expanding gender representation in the film world is not only necessary, but leads to more authentic, multifaceted, fresh, and well rounded work. Diversity and representation shouldn't only change in front of the camera, but needs to change behind as well.

The list features work of over 130 talents, with varying degrees of experience. People who are fresher to the industry are marked with Open to New Experiences, and we highly recommend bringing on these new talents to your productions.

Please reach out directly to each individual artist for any booking requests.

We are always open to suggestions, comments, and new submissions.

Please be aware that not every person on this list is female identifying, so please be mindful when referring to people's pronouns and gender identities. When in question, just ask :)

FLINTA * is an abbreviation and stands for women , lesbians , intersex , non -binary , trans and a gender people . The appended asterisk serves as a placeholder to include all non-binary gender identities.

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